ph: lucas ortiz

ph: lucas ortiz

darío pagliaricci [río cuarto, córdoba, argentina / 1977]: argentine composer with residence in río cuarto (córdoba). composition degree by the universidad nacional de córdoba (unc, 2004). he focuses his work on new mediums, multimedia’s works, sonorous installations and interactive art through multiple interfaces and computer programming. also he is devoted to the artistic diffusion and production in the universidad nacional de río cuarto (unrc).

he has participated of numerous workshops, composition courses, electroacoustic and multimedia art seminars in argetntina and abroad: impuls festival/academy (2017), forum internacional nueva música with mathias spahlinger and michael maierhof (2013-2015), forum ircam at the unsam (2015), open lab workshop with yamil burguener (2010), zirkonium composition workshop with ludger brümer (2009), postgraduate course of pd-gem with pablo cetta (2006), max-msp course with hans tutschku (2003), new technologies seminar with gonzalo biffarella (2001-2002).

some of his instrumental and electroacoustic works has been programmed in the center for production and research in arts (cepia – unc), centro cultural españa-córdoba, centro cultural san martín (bs. as.), casa de la cultura (río cuarto), cemapa (río cuarto), teatro municipal (río cuarto), xii y xx jornadas internacionales de música electroacústica, etc. also, numerous presentations of multimedia works in many artistic-cultural: la noche de los museos (2014), jornadas universitarias de puertas abiertas (jupas) – (2011), foro universitario italiano argentino (2011), uniart roma (feria universitaria de arte, diseño, turismo cultural y artesanías) – (2011), universidad de la sapienza y universidad roma tre. (roma, italia – 2011), etc. besides, original music for the documentary film carreros: relatos del rebusque, winning the first prize in the city of río cuarto (2009). since 2012 is the artisitic director of “masmenos: instrumentos y nuevas tecnologías”, and actually of “masmenos –música contemporánea” and the “masmenos | vocal femenino” ensemble.


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